The PPC Entourage Blueprint Series is designed to give users step-by-step instructions on how to use the system to reduce costs and gain your maximum ROI in your PPC campaigns

Part 1: The Basics- Doing Some Research Before You Set Up Campaigns

Part 2: Finding Seed Keywords: Keyword Inspector Method, Merchantwords 

            Method, Advanced Strategies.

Part 3: PPC Entourages' Core 4 Campaign Set Up Strategy

  1. The Automatic Campaign
  2. Keyword Research Campaign-Broad
  3. Match Type Expansion Phrase/Exact
  4. ACoS Scraping Campaign Using PPC Entourage

Part 4:  15 Minute A Week Maintenance with PPC Entourage

  • Adding to the Phrase/Exact Match Type Expansion- 5 minutes
  • Adding to the ACOS Scraping Campaign- 5 minutes
  • Reducing Needless Ad Spend- 5 minutes

Part 5:   Setting Up Your Virtual Assistant on Amazon

Part 6: Advanced Seed Campaign Strategies

Part 7: Advanced PPC Entourage Strategies

  • New Seed Campaigns with "Find Brand New Keywords Module"
  • Finding Duplicate Keywords
  • International Accounts
  • Vendor Central

Blueprint Series Course Outline

The Big Picture..Simplified

Are you selling a product on Amazon?

1)  PLANT SEEDS - Set up broad match campaigns ( automatic or seed campaign)

2)  LEARN -  Discover your most relevant keywords and search terms

3)  EXPAND - Take winners and expand into phrase/exact ( match type expansion campaign) WHILE taking winning customer search terms and adding them back into a new campaign ( ACOS scraping campaign), starting the flow of new keywords and search terms.  Add additional seed campaigns using PPC Entourages' Find Brand New Keywords module.

4)  SIMPLIFY - Use Entourage to find more winners and keep adding to Match type expansion campaign and ACOS campaign every week.  Key modules inside Entourage allow you to expand faster than ever before. 

5) OPTIMIZE- Use Campaign Optimization to reduce needless ad spend---> dominate.  

Fundamentals: Keyword Vs Search Term

Assuming you have spent time optimizing your listing; including your title, bullet points, backend search terms product description and a few solid reviews, you should be ready to start with an automatic campaign. 

The goal of the automatic campaign is to see how relevant Amazon thinks your product is and to get an idea of the best search terms that are related to your product and conveting into sales. We will then take these search terms and do further research which is explained in simple detail below. 


Fundamentals: The Automatic Campaign

  • Let this run for 2 weeks so that enough time has passed to collect data. 
  • Use PPC Entourages' Campaign Optimization- Profitable search terms feature to find the search terms that have converted into sales
  • Consider lowering the bid on the auto campaign once this initial research phase has ended. Consider pausing if the ACoS is very high but use the data collected as noted above. 
  • Use PPC Entourage to find the search terms that are NOT converting and wasting Ad Spend. See below for simple instructions

Fundamentals: Know Your Profit Zone

I know you have a couple weeks to wait on the auto campaign, but don't just sit around! Next we'll teach you how to get started with some research and bulk keyword tools to help you expand your visibility on PPC!

Bulk Seed Keyword - Free Method

Finding Your 10 Best Keywords

Gathering Bulk Seed Keywords: Keyword Inspector

Gathering Bulk Seed Keywords: Merchant Words

By now you should have a list of your top 5 competitors ASINS, complimentary product ASINS and your top 10 keywords/Search Terms. Now its time to expand your reach! In the steps below you will be collecting some bulk keyword lists. Basically you will be using your top 10 keywords and ASINS to find large lists of SEED KEYWORDS that we will plant into new amazon campaigns. Step by step instructions are listed below. 

Now that you found your top competitors and you have set up an AUTOMATIC campaign, its time to find the 10 most valuable keywords related to your product.  These foundational keywords will be then put into bulk keyword finding tools such as keyword inspector and merchant words to create large lists of keywords that we can test out and expand on.

Keyword Tool Dominator allows you to enter basic keywords and find related keywords. Using the TOP keywords you got from Keyword Inspector or the Automatic campaign. Enter them into Keyword Tool Dominator (click to open) 

Log into Keyword Inspector. Click on New Reverse ASIN search. Paste the ASINs of the top 2 competitors with the lowest BSR. This is a 3 credit search each (USA Extensive).

In a few moments, your ASIN list should be ready for download in the Keyword History section on the left.  Download the 2 reports. Take note of the TOP keywords.


Tip*  Make sure that your listing's title, bullet points, body summary and back end search term fields are fully loaded with the best and most relevant keywords that you have found. PPC Entourages' Search Term Optimization Module can help you find even more profitable words based on proven and profitable sales

Merchantwords allows you to enter basic keywords and find related keywords. Using the TOP keywords you got from Keyword Inspector or the Automatic campaign. Enter them into Merchantwords. 

See Image 1

Some of you might already know what your best keywords are. If you don't there are two simple strategies to accomplish this.

Strategy 1: Wait for the Automatic Campaign- If you have waited 1-2 weeks for your automatic campaign to generate results than this is an easy way to find your top 10 search terms. Click on the campaign in PPC Entourage- Click on Search Term Optimization-> Profitable Search Terms. They should be right there!

* TIP- Check to make sure your search terms are relevant to the product you are selling. Are they related? Does amazon really know what you are selling? If they are then GREAT. IF not, then consider adjusting your title, search term fields, category or bullet points and waiting another 2 weeks.

Strategy 2: Using the ASIN from your top competitor, do a reverse ASIN search using Keyword Inspector ( Instructions Below). Note the top 10 keywords that come up in the results.

Now that you have accumulated several lists of keywords, lets set up some campaigns!

Part 2: Finding Seed Keywords

Please Note*  Advanced Seed Campaign Ideas are discussed later on in the Blueprint Series and in our online community. 

At the beginning of the Blueprint Series we reviewed how to set up the automatic campaign. Steps are noted below. Once the campaign has been running for several weeks and you have obtained all the data, consider lowering the bid by 25-50%. 


  • The Automatic Campaign (DONE ALREADY)
  • Keyword Research Campaign-Broad
  • Match Type Expansion Phrase/Exact
  • ACoS Scraping Campaign Using PPC Entourage

Use Power PPC, Search Term Expansion to find hidden golden nugget SEARCH TERMS to then put back into new campaigns as keywords.


1) Click on Power PPC- Select Search Term Expansion

2) select desired ACOS- typically 45% but you can also use your profit margin %

3) Select products and all corresponding campaigns will show up on the right.

4) Select NEW SEARCH TERMS ONLY! This will find words that are not keywords yet on any of the campaigns that you have selected to analyze.

( See Demo Video) 

Now create a new campaign on Seller central

1) Campaign title- ( your product) ACOS scraping PPC Entourage- broad  

2) Ad Group 1- Keep as Ad Group 1

3) Set daily budget to (xx) Start date ( today ) End Date ( no end date) 

4) Select Manual targeting  

5) Default Bid - depending on product - .75-1.00 

6) Select upload keywords

7) Paste in the list generated from PPC Entourage Match type BROAD

8)  Click Save and finish

IMPORTANT- Use multiple ad groups once it hits >1000 keywords. 

*Come back to PPC Entourage weekly to find hidden golden nugget search terms and turn them into keywords.

Seed Campaign #1-The Automatic Campaign

In this campaign we are taking individual proven keyword winners from the match type expansion campaign and setting them up into their own individual campaign as exact match type.  *One single keyword goes into this campaign as exact match type. We only do this for our TOP and MOST RELEVANT keywords. Please keep in mind that it takes a few days for these campaigns to begin to gain some traction and get impressions. 

Create a new campaign on Seller central

1) Campaign title- ( your product) ( Keyword ) Exact Match 

2) Ad Group 1- Keep as Ad Group 1

3) Set daily budget to (xx) Start date ( today ) End Date ( no end date) 

4) Select Manual targeting  

5) Default Bid - depending on product  -1.00 -3.00

6) Select upload keywords

7) Enter you top keyword ( one per campaign)  as EXACT

8)  Click Save and finish

Seed Campaign #2-Keyword Research Campaign-Broad

Campaign #4- ACoS Scraping Technique Using PPC Entourage (Broad) 

1) Create campaign entitled (Your product) Seed Campaign- Keyword Research- Broad. Ex: Car Seat Seed Campaign-Keyword Research- Broad

2) Ad Group 1- Rename to Amazon Suggested KW 

3) Set daily budget to (xx)

4) Start date ( today ) End Date ( no end date) 

5) Select Manual targeting 

6)  Ad Group 1- Rename to Amazon Suggested KW 

7) Select product(s)

8)  Default Bid - depending on product - $1-2.00 

9) Select All Suggested Keywords

10) Click Save and finish 

NOW Reopen the same campaign and add a second ad group and use Keyword Inspector Keywords Here

1) Click on Create Ad Group

2)  Ad Group 2- Rename to KI Reverse ASIN

3) Set daily budget to (xx) Start date ( today ) End Date ( no end date)

4) Select Manual targeting

5)  Default Bid - depending on product - $1-2.00

6) Select Provide Your own Keywords- copy and paste your KEYWORD INSPECTOR list here- BROAD MATCH

7) Click Save and finish * Note - if you have more than 1000 keywords- create another ad group and title it something like Keyword Inspector 2

Ad group 3 and beyond- Repeat like ad group 2 but with different keyword source lists ( merchantwords/google planner etc) Remember to change the adgroup name so that you are aware of how you found the keywords.  Now you will have a single research campaign with potentially several ad groups. All will be broad match. Let this campaign run for several weeks so that PPC Entourage can begin to analyze the data.

Part 3: PPC Entourages' Core 4 Campaign Set Up Strategy

Campaign #3- Match Type Expansion (Phrase/Exact) 

Now we are going to take those bulk keyword lists and create a seed keyword campaign. To really simplify the process, this campaign will have multiple ad groups : Ad group 1 ) Amazon suggested keywords, Ad Group 2 ) Keyword Inspector list, Ad Group 3) Merchant words list, Ad Group 4 and beyond - ANY Other Keyword Lists that you obtained from any method

THE GOAL HERE is to expand on winning keywords or search terms and test them in other match types.  Broad match keywords (in auto and manual campaigns)  that were at least moderately successful ( had a sale and have a decent ACoS) will be tested.  Will they perform better as another match type? 

Using PPC Entourages' Keyword expansion allows you to choose a product, select all the campaigns that product is in, and then select a desirable ACoS. This will now show a list of keywords (within the range you selected) that you can then easily put back into the Match Type Expansion Campaign.  This can be done in seconds by following the instructions below! 

1) Log into PPC Entourage- Power PPC, Keyword Expansion. 

2) Select match type expansion (3rd option). 

3) Select ACOS- recommend between .1 and 70%. We understand that 70 is way above the ACOS range but remember we are testing other match types and could potentially do much better in other match types.

4) Select product- corresponding campaigns will show up on the right 

5) Select the campaigns you want to analyze and click continue

6) A list of keywords within your ACoS will result. Click copy to clipboard

 (See Demo Video)

Now create the campaign on Seller Central

1) Ad Group 1- Rename to Phrase

2)  Set daily budget to (xx) Start date ( today ) End Date ( no end date)

3)  Select Manual targeting

4) Default Bid - depending on product - .75-2.00- phrase should be higher than broad match bid 

5) Select upload keywords-  Paste in the list generated from PPC Entourage

6) Change the match type to Phrase

7) Click Save and finish

Now Reopen the Same Campaign Again

1) Click on Create ad Group

2) Ad Group 2- Rename to Exact

3)  Set daily budget to (xx) Start date ( today ) End Date ( no end date)

4) Select Manual targeting Default Bid - depending on product - .75-2.00- Exact should be higher than phrase match bid 

5) Select upload keywords -Paste in the list generated from PPC Entourage

6) Change the match type to Exact

7) Click Save and finish

Campaign #5 (Optional) - One Targeted Keyword - Exact Campaign

Part 4: Weekly Maintenance with PPC Entourage- 15 minutes/week

Now that your campaigns are all set up, lets review how to use PPC Entourage to easily manage your campaigns. Please note that a minimum of 4 weeks is usually required to collect valuable information from Amazon. Our system is designed to continuously find new opportunities week after week by analyzing that information for you.


Special Tip**

We have found that while the ACoS scraping campaign provides a TON of visibility and exposure to your product, it may also come with an increase in ad spend for customer search terms that might not be relevant to your product. Using Entourage, you can easily SAVE and APPLY a filter weekly to weed out these terms right away. This will stop you from losing money on the same search term over and over again. In the example below, we will be using number of clicks WITHOUT a sale for our filter.  The reason for this is to stop ad spend from getting too high for a particular search term.

Here is our simple recipe. Once again, please use according to your own risk tolerance.

1) Create Filter. Use CLICKS between 15 and 100000 along with Gross Revenue between $0.00 and $0.00. SAVE this filter for later use and come back weekly to apply the filter. 

2) Add search terms into the specific campaign as NEGATIVE EXACT

1) Log into PPC Entourage- Select Power PPC Keyword Expansion.

2) ACOS 70% or in your desired range

3) Select the SKU- Select Corresponding campaigns on the right ( SEED CAMPAIGNS mentioned above+ ACOS SCRAPING mentioned above). Click Continue.  A new list will appear below. Open up seller central.

4) Copy list from Entourage and paste into Phrase/Exact match type expansion. Don’t worry about duplicates as Amazon will not allow you to add the same keyword twice to the same ad group. Add the list of keywords into both phrase group and exact group campaigns.


Adding to the Phrase/Exact Match Type Expansion- 5 minutes

Adding to the ACOS Scraping Campaign- 5 minutes


Negative word finder is perhaps the most powerful new way to optimize. Here you can find the individual words that are costing you the most money in wasted ad spend each month. You can also see the amount of yearly savings you could experience as a result. 

*These words are to be entered as NEGATIVE PHRASE MATCH in the specific campaign or AD group

1) Log into PPC Entourage- Power PPC- Search Term Expansion 

2) Select 45% ACOS or desired ACOS

3) Select SKU’s and ALL corresponding campaigns on the right  and click continue. Select New Search Terms Only - a new list will form below- Copy List

4) Open up seller central- Enter new list into the ACOS scraping technique campaign mentioned above with bid of (.75-1.00). Once you hit 1000 keywords, move to the next ad group within the same campaign.

See the module in action below


*Try to wait at least one month on each campaign to get accurate data

1)  Log into PPC Entourage- Campaign Optimization and click on the campaign you want to analyze.

2)  Set ACOS to your Profit Margins ( example 45%). Look for highlighted red SKU’s to show up on the lefthand side and look across all ad groups. Look for variations or single SKU within an ad group that is losing money heavily. Consider pausing the variation or SKU's in red if they are way above your personal ACoS tolerance level. Click For Image

1) Log into keyword optimization- non profitable keywords. Look to see where you have lost the most money. Click For Image 

PPC Entourage Time Saving Tip - Create a $$$ Saving filter. For example, set Revenue between (0.00) and (0.00) with ad spend between ($25 and $500), indicating that you have spent at least $25.00 without making a sale. You can also choose to set the filter by ACoS range.  Now, save the filter for later.  Apply the filter for results.  Click For Image


Once you have found the keywords that are not profitable, its time to take action. For keywords that are total non perfromers( lots of ad spend or clicks without sales, or very high ACoS) - consider reducing the bid.  We use 5-25 cent bids.

For keywords that have a sale but are not within your desired ACoS range, the goal is to at least break even for a given keyword. For example, lets say a keyword has a bid of $1.50 with a corresponding ACoS of 68%. Your break even point is 45%. Try reducing the bid down to $1.00 to see if you can lower the cost per sale. 

Potentially save hundreds or thousands by using this technology weekly.

1) On PPC Entourage- Click on Campaign Optimization. Click on Search Term Optimization-Non Profitable Search Terms

2) Create a filter. Revenue between (xx) and (xx) with ad spend between (XX and XX). We use Revenue between 0.00 and 0.00 and Ad spend between $30 and $500 based on our personal tolerance level. Save filter for later use. 

3) Apply filter

4)  Review the search terms manually and find the words that are irrelevant, and costly. Now Ad these search term as Negative Exact search Terms in Seller Central either on a campaign or Ad group level


1) Sign into Seller Central: In the upper righthand side, click on settings—> Click user permissions. Enter the email address of your new user/assistant. Click Send Invitation.

2) Once they accept the invitation, their names should appear under current users. Select Edit Permissions. Important: Make sure all settings other than advertising are set to none.

3) Advertising settings: Campaign Manager select view and edit. Register for sponsored products= view. Everything else is set to none.

Part 5: Setting Up Your Virtual Assistant on Amazon

Once you have your campaigns set up properly, it may be beneficial to outsource weekly maintenance using PPC Entourage to someone that your trust. The instructions below will give that person access to sponsored product management on seller central. 

Part 6: Advanced: More Seed Campaigns- Broad

1) Complimentary Products

Create a seed campaign/research campaign with the top performing complimentary products from the ASINs that you collected before.  You can put these ASIN's into keyword inspector to get a bulk list of keywords. 

IMPORTANT: Use PPC Entourage Keyword Expansion Module- FIND BRAND NEW KEYWORDS- to narrow down that list into only new keywords.

Put these new keywords into either your first seed campaign (Your product) Seed Campaign- Keyword Research- Broad) or create a new broad campaign. 

Some of these keywords will perform well and some will not. PPC Entourage will then help you weed out the keywords that are not converting.  In general, expect a slightly higher ACOS for these campaigns but also know that you are increasing your visibility on Amazon by casting a wider net. 

2) Individual Words

We have had great success by taking the winning keywords and search terms and reducing them down into their individual words and using them in low bid campaigns. PPC Entourage allows you to easily find these individual words

Simply go to listing optimization and select the product that you want to analyze. Select search Term Optimization and follow the instructions. All of the INDIVIDUAL profitable words will be revealed to you. 

3) Keyword Inspector- Reverse PPC Search

Log onto Amazon and do a search on your top keywords. Which competitor seems to be doing a good job on PPC? Grab their ASIN(s) and head over to Keyword Inspector to do a reverse PPC Search. This is a 3 credit search. You can use these keywords in broad match- seed research campaign- or make a new one!

IMPORTANT TIP: Use PPC Entourages' Find Brand New Keyword Feature so that you can enter a large list of keywords and have our system tell you which keywords are brand new and have never been used before. All in seconds!

Consider trying some of these advanced strategies that have helped us crush it on Amazon

Past 7: Advanced PPC Entourage Strategies

Find Brand New Keywords Module

How does it work?

This module allows Entourage users to enter large lists of keywords from multiple keyword sites such as Keyword Inspector or Merchantwords and compare those words to the keywords that are already being used in your campaigns. This way you can find only new keywords that have never been used before.

Why is this important?

This module is fantastic for finding and testing only BRAND NEW keywords. It allows you to know with certainly that you are not using the same keyword twice and that your research campaigns are being used for new keywords. 

See Video Demonstration below 

Got a really bad PPC Mess? Schedule a private session with us and join the Entourage Inner Circle. Visit our website for more info

Find Duplicate Keywords Module

How does it work?

This module allows Entourage users to get a bird's eye view of the keywords that they may have duplicated across multiple campaigns. Now you can see how your individual keywords are performing across ANY match type and across ANY campaign.

Why is this important?

Great to see where you best keywords are performing and where they are underperforming. You can choose to make changes to your keyword bigs based on this information. We also use it to see if we have our best keywords being used across all match types. 

See Video Demonstration below 

About PPC Entourage

Our Mission is to provide the most user-friendly and essential PPC tool for Amazon sellers! Expand visibility to reach more customers. Cut needless ad spend. Free up your valuable time. Simple strategies to guide you through the process. Helping Amazon sellers is a big part of who we are!

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