The PPC Entourage Blueprint Series is designed to give users step-by-step instructions on how to use the system to reduce costs and gain your maximum ROI in your PPC campaigns

The Big Picture...Simplified

The Blueprint Series will walk you through our core strategies for building impactful campaigns and discuss the specifics of how to maintain them. You will learn strategies for increasing valuable traffic to your listing, including actionable instructions on how to research keywords, set up campaigns, how to funnel successful keywords and search terms, and how to reduce ACoS and ad spend through proper planning and optimization.

Each step builds upon the last. You'll first learn about basic research campaigns and keyword generation, and from there we will discuss more advanced scraping and match type specific campaigns, escalating your most successful results throughout the entire process. Following these steps carefully will teach you how to create, implement, and maintain successful ad campaigns. 

Blueprint Series Outline

Part 1:  Research Basics

Instructions for Research Before You Set Up Campaigns

Part 2:  Finding Seed Keywords: 

  • Keyword Inspector Method
  • Merchantwords
  • Free Tools
  • Find Brand New Keywords Module

Part 3:  PPC Entourages' Core 4 Campaign Set Up Strategy

  1. The Automatic Campaign
  2. Keyword Research Campaign-Broad
  3. Match Type Expansion Phrase/Exact
  4. ACoS Scraping Campaign Using PPC Entourage

Part 4:  Campaign Optimization: 5 Simple Strategies 

  • SKU Optimization
  • New Bid
  • Keyword Optimizer
  • Search Term Optimization
  • Negative Word Finder
  • Bonus: Weekly Optimization Schedule, Tracking, and Shielding.

Part 5:  Advanced Seed Campaign Strategies

Now that you have accumulated several lists of keywords, lets set up some campaigns!

Finding Your 10 Best Keywords

Now that you found your top competitors and you have set up an AUTOMATIC campaign, its time to find the 10 most valuable keywords related to your product. These foundational keywords will be then put into bulk keyword finding tools such as keyword inspector and merchant words to create large lists of keywords that we can test out and expand on.

Some of you might already know what your best keywords are. If you don't there are two simple strategies to accomplish this.

Strategy 1: Wait for the Automatic Campaign- If you have waited 1-2 weeks for your automatic campaign to generate results than this is an easy way to find your top 10 search terms. Click on the campaign in PPC Entourage- Click on Search Term Optimization-> Profitable Search Terms. They should be right there!

* TIP- Check to make sure your search terms are relevant to the product you are selling. Are they related? Does amazon really know what you are selling? If they are then GREAT. IF not, then consider adjusting your title, search term fields, category or bullet points and waiting another 2 weeks.

Strategy 2: Using the ASIN from your top competitor, do a reverse ASIN search using Keyword Inspector ( Instructions Below). Note the top 10 keywords that come up in the results.

By now you should have a list of your top 5 competitors ASINS, complimentary product ASINS and your top 10 keywords/Search Terms. Now its time to expand your reach! In the steps below you will be collecting some bulk keyword lists. Basically you will be using your top 10 keywords and ASINS to find large lists of SEED KEYWORDS that we will plant into new amazon campaigns. Step by step instructions are listed below. 

Please Note* Advanced Seed Campaign Ideas are discussed later on in the Blueprint Series and in our online community. 

Gathering Bulk Seed Keywords: Keyword Inspector

Part 2: Finding Seed Keywords

Log into Keyword Inspector. Click on New Reverse ASIN search. Paste the ASINs of the top 2 competitors with the lowest BSR. This is a 3 credit search each (USA Extensive).

In a few moments, your ASIN list should be ready for download in the Keyword History section on the left. Download the 2 reports. Take note of the TOP keywords.

Gathering Bulk Seed Keywords: Merchant Words

Bulk Seed Keyword - Free Method

Keyword Tool Dominator allows you to enter basic keywords and find related keywords. Using the TOP keywords you got from Keyword Inspector or the Automatic campaign. Enter them into Keyword Tool Dominator 

Merchantwords allows you to enter basic keywords and find related keywords. Using the TOP keywords you got from Keyword Inspector or the Automatic campaign. Enter them into Merchantwords. 

Part 3: PPC Entourages' Core 4 Campaign Set Up 

Goals of Campaign:

Discover new keywords and search terms that are converting well for your product. 

Discover bid prices for relevant keywords

General Strategy: 

  • Set up the automatic campaign and let it begin to accumulate data for 2-3 weeks.  
  • Converting search terms (search terms that made sales from the auto campaign), will then be used as a foundation for further research. This means you can take those converting search terms and use them to find additional keyword opportunities by using some of the methods outlined in Sections 1 and 2 of this Blueprint.
  • Converting search terms will also “Elevated” into other campaigns which we will discuss in Campaign Strategies 2-4.  
  • The Automatic Campaign can be left running if it is profitable. We highly suggest using some of the campaign optimization strategies noted below. 

How To Optimize this Campaign 

The Following Campaign Optimization Strategies (noted in section 4 of this Blueprint) can be used for this campaign:

Campaign Optimization Strategy #1 (SKU Optimization), 

Campaign Optimization Strategy #4 (Search Term Optimization)

Campaign Optimization Strategy #5 (Negative Word Finder). 

Start optimization after 2-3 weeks of having the campaign run. Make sure to optimize on a weekly basis to weed out irrelevant search terms and words. 

Goals of Campaign:

Enter bulk lists of keywords that are relevant to your product and audience into a broad match research campaign. This will assist you in finding new converting keywords and search terms. 

New Keyword research is to be done on a weekly basis. Advanced keyword research strategies are located on part 5 of this blueprint. 

Keywords and search terms that are converting well will be elevated into the next level of campaigns (4 and 5) or advanced campaigns as noted in section 5 of this guide. Simple tools inside of PPC Entourage can help you manage this in seconds as outlined below. 

General Strategy: 

  • We are going to set up a research campaign using BROAD MATCH as we have found this is an exceptional way to get the most impressions to your listing. 
  • If you have multiple variations of your product, consider putting the best 1-2 variations inside of each ad group. You can also set up separate research campaigns for each variation. 
  • Each ad group will represent a different method where bulk keywords were collected, for example: Ad group 1 could be Amazon Suggested KW, Ad group 2 could be Keyword Inspector.
  • A very LOW CTR% is likely for this campaign along with high impressions and Ad spend.
  • We suggest leaving this campaign running indefinitely as long as it is performing relatively well. Campaign optimization strategies that are outlined in this guide will be essential to reduce needless ad spend. 
  • Additional ad groups will be added as new keywords opportunities are gathered through your research. 

How to Optimize This Campaign

While all 5 campaign optimization strategies are applicable to this campaign, the following strategies will cut the majority of wasted ad spend in the fastest amount of time.  Optimize on a weekly basis.

Campaign Optimization Strategy #4 (Search Term Optimization) 

Campaign Optimization Strategy #5 (Negative Word Finder) 

  • The Core 4 Campaign Strategies are four campaign types, each building off of the success of the last, that allow you to track with pinpoint accuracy what is (and is not) working for your campaigns.
  • As you have success with keywords and search terms, they will be elevated to the next campaign until they finally reach the P/E campaign, where they will be tested on a match-type level in different ad groups. 
  •  Your best performers will be given a higher investment, and your worst performers will be optimized out.

Goals of Campaign: 

Find the winning search terms from your automatic campaign (Campaign #1) and Keyword Seed Research Campaign (Campaign #2) and put them into their own campaign called the ACoS Scraping Campaign as a broad match type. 

Clicking on the NEW KEYWORDS ONLY button inside of the Search Term Expansion module in Entourage will reveal words that have not been entered into any of your campaigns yet. This will help you find new keyword opportunities on a weekly basis.

General Strategy: 

  • The more keyword research you do on a weekly basis, the more keywords you will have in your research campaign (campaign # 2). This increases the amount of search terms that will be revealed inside of the Search Term Expansion module. 
  • Clicking on NEW KEYWORDS ONLY will reveal new keyword opportunities. All new keywords will be entered into the ACoS Scraping campaign as a broad match type. New keywords with 2 or more ORDERS will be put into the next type of campaign (Campaign #4 P/E Match Type Expansion), since they have been proven as successful with multiple orders. 
  • Each Variation can have its own ACoS Scraping campaign as it is easy to investigate single SKU’s inside of this module on Entourage. You can also simply put the top sku’s together in each ad group of the ACoS Scraping campaign. Once you hit 1000 keywords, add another ad group. 
  • Expect moderate to high ad spend. High Impressions. Low to moderate CTR %. Campaign Optimization is essential for this campaign and will be outlined below.

Campaign Optimization - How To Optimize this Campaign 

While all 5 campaign optimization strategies are applicable to this campaign, the following strategies will cut the majority of wasted ad spend in the fastest amount of time. Optimizing on a weekly basis is highly reccomended.

Campaign Optimization Strategy #4 (Search Term Optimization) 

Campaign Optimization Strategy #5 (Negative Word Finder) 

Campaign #1) The Automatic Campaign 

Campaign #2) Keyword Research Campaign - Broad

Campaign #3) ACoS Scraping Campaign Using PPC Entourage

Campaign #4) Match Type Expansion Phrase/Exact

Goals of Campaign:

Here, you will expand on winning keywords or search terms and test them in other match types. Broad match keywords (in auto and manual campaigns) that were successful (had a sale and have a profitable ACoS) will be tested on the phrase/exact match type campaign. This is because they have proven to be profitable already.  

General Strategy: 

  • Find the keywords that have already performed well for you in other campaigns (Campaign #2 and #3 noted in this Blueprint) and expand into other match types. Use PPC Entourage's Match Type Expansion Module to accomplish this in seconds. 
  • You can also put the search terms with 2 or more orders that you collected from Search Term Expansion into this campaign. 
  • Each campaign will have two ad groups - 1 for phrase match type and 1 for exact match type.
  • The phrase match type bid will be HIGHER than the bid you had for that keyword in the research campaign as broad match. The Exact match bid in ad group 2 will be HIGHER than the phrase match bid. The more specific the match type, the higher the bid will be.

Campaign Optimization - How to Optimize this Campaign

While all campaign optimization strategies (1-5) are applicable to this campaign, the following strategies are essential

Campaign Optimization Strategy #2 (New Bid) 

Campaign Optimization Strategy #3 (Keyword Optimizer)

IMPORTANT- To improve CTR% - use the preset filter for low CTR% located inside of Search Term Optimization. Keeping a high CTR% is essential for this campaign.

5 Simple Optimization Strategies 

Campaign Optimization is an essential part of scaling your business and preventing your ad spend from being used on keywords that are not converting. Without proper instruction and planning, it can be a daunting task if it is new to you.

Before proceeding, we recommend that you take the time to fully understand negative match types and how they are used. Please click here to learn more. 

We also recommend knowing your ACoS profit zone. The ACoS Profit Zone is your personal threshold for determining if a keyword, search term, or SKU is considered profitable or unprofitable. Anything above your ACoS Profit Zone will be considered unprofitable, while anything falling within your ACoS Profit Zone will be considered profitable.

Your ACoS profit zone might be slightly different for each campaign. For example, on seed research campaign, the ACoS profit zone might be set to a slightly higher value to allow for a broader reach and higher amount of impressions. On the Phrase/Exact Campaign the ACoS profit zone might be in alignment with your profit margins for the product and thus be lower than the ACoS profit zone of the research campaign.

Know Your ACoS Profit Zone

        Watch Video


  • The most basic form of optimization. Pause underperforming SKU's
  • Can be used on all campaigns that have multiple SKU's or variations

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  • Raise or lower keyword bid to align with your ACoS strategy
  • Best used on Phrase/Exact Match Campaigns
  • N/A on Automatic campaigns

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  • Used to find the individual search terms that are NOT converting for a given keyword
  • Can be used on both profitable and non profitable keywords within a campaign
  • Great for all campaigns (Research, ACoS Scraping, Phrase/Exact Match Type Expansion). Can't be used on Automatic campaigns. 

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  • Find search terms that are dragging down the performance of your campaigns and use a "Negative Exact" strategy to eliminate further exposure. 
  • Works great for all campaigns but especially for the Automatic, Seed Research, and ACoS Scraping campaigns. 

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  • Find the individual words that have not been linked to any profitable sales and use a "Negative Phrase" strategy to eliminate further exposure
  • Works great for all campaigns but especially for the Automatic, Seed Research, and ACoS Scraping campaigns. 

Weekly Optimization Schedule

Campaign Track and Log

Suggested Schedule - adjust based on number of SKU’s and campaigns (Watch Video) 

Week 1- Optimize most expensive campaigns (at least 5) - Log changes on campaign optimization “Log and Track” tab

Week 2 - Optimize the NEXT 5 most expensive campaigns - Log changes on campaign optimization “Log and Track” tab

Week 3 - Optimize the NEXT 5 most expensive campaigns - Log changes on campaign optimization “Log and Track” tab. Review changes to the first 5 campaigns that were optimized on week 1. Notice results. Optimizations for these campaigns will be less time consuming now since they have already been pruned. Make necessary optimizations. 

Week 4 - Optimize the NEXT 5 most expensive campaigns - Log changes on campaign optimization “Log and Track” tab. Review changes to the second 5 campaigns that were optimized on week 2. Notice results. Optimizations for these campaigns will be less time consuming now since they have already been pruned. Make necessary optimizations. 

Part 4: Campaign Optimization 

Located within the Campaign Optimization module, this feature was added so that any user can easily Log any changes made to a campaign and then Track those changes at a future date. This adds an extra layer of organization to any campaign, saving time (wondering what you did and when you did it), as well as potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in needless Ad spend.

We then took it one step further and gave users the ability to easily see how those changes affected their PPC results. Did you add neg keywords? Adjust the bid? Add a negative match? Any user now has the ability to see the impact of those changes. All you have to do is click on the Track button.  

Never lose track of the changes made to a campaign again.

When users implement the ‘Log’ feature, they can create a “footpath” that shows them each of the exact changes they have made within a specific campaign.

Clicking on the ‘Track’ button will reveal the before and after results of user changes.

1) Complimentary Products

Create a seed campaign/research campaign with the top performing complimentary products from the ASINs that you collected before.  You can put these ASIN's into Keyword Inspector to get a bulk list of keywords. 

IMPORTANT: Use PPC Entourage Keyword Expansion Module - FIND BRAND NEW KEYWORDS - to narrow down that list into only new keywords.

Put these new keywords into either your first seed campaign (Your product) Seed Campaign- Keyword Research- Broad) or create a new broad campaign. 

Some of these keywords will perform well and some will not. PPC Entourage will then help you weed out the keywords that are not converting.  In general, expect a slightly higher ACOS for these campaigns but also know that you are increasing your visibility on Amazon by casting a wider net. 

2) Individual Words

We have had great success by taking the winning keywords and search terms and reducing them down into their individual words and using them in low bid campaigns. PPC Entourage allows you to easily find these individual words

Simply go to listing optimization and select the product that you want to analyze. Select Search Term Optimization and follow the instructions. All of the INDIVIDUAL profitable words will be revealed to you. 

3) Keyword Inspector- Reverse PPC Search

Log onto Amazon and do a search on your top keywords. Which competitor seems to be doing a good job on PPC? Grab their ASIN(s) and head over to Keyword Inspector to do a reverse PPC Search. This is a 3 credit search. You can use these keywords in broad match- seed research campaign- or make a new one!

IMPORTANT TIP: Use PPC Entourage's Find Brand New Keyword Feature so that you can enter a large list of keywords and have our system tell you which keywords are brand new and have never been used before. All in seconds!

Part 5: Advanced: More Seed Campaigns- Broad

Now that you have a good understanding of campaign optimization, consider trying some of these advanced strategies to find more seed keywords. These strategies will help you find more seed keyword ideas to put into research campaigns. 

This PPC Entourage Blueprint is provided as is without any guarantees. In association with the product, Plutus Inc/PPC Entourage makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to guarantees of its success. Use of the product by a user is at the user’s risk.